Status: Adopted

Greta Square

After being found hungry and alone, some kind people took me in and cared for me for a few days.  They gave me a stuffed unicorn to comfort me and then asked As Good as Gold to find me a forever home.  I had a large tumor on my right paw which was cumbersome and made walking on that foot difficult.  It was a common benign skin growth that the surgeon removed along with one toe.  He said that it should never come back. I was happy to hear that I have one less toenail to clip!  My paw is fully healed and I am learning how much fun running and walking is now that I can use my right foot more efficiently. I love to chase tennis balls and am much more active. Of course I am still content to relax with my beloved unicorn.

Foster mom does a lot of dog sitting and I love and welcome all the dogs, large and small, that come to visit.  I have also become best friends with the kitties that live here too. I am not much of a cuddler, but like a typical Golden, I keep my humans in sight at all times and follow Foster Mom from room to room.  I have a little weakness in my back legs and sometimes have difficulty getting up. This could possibly be because the tumor on my paw affected my activity level and my muscles got weak. I could also have a touch of arthritis.  Foster Mom gives me an inexpensive joint supplement every day that will help me gain strength in that area.  More walking and running activities will also help me regain my muscle strength.

Foster Mom says I am a very sweet and friendly girl. I may even learn to snuggle if you are willing to show me how enjoyable it can be.  A forever family who will adore me forever is my wish for the New Year.


6 Years Old