Status: Adopted

Goldie Square

Many people have preconceived ideas about senior citizens whether animal or human. They think that all golden-agers can’t see, can’t hear and don’t move around with vigor. I’m here to say that I am a seasoned guy whose hearing is perfect, but very selective. I can hear my treat jar opening from any part of the house, but sometimes choose to ignore the “sit” command! My hips may be a little stiff at times as expected with an eleven year old, but I am off and running when I see a bunny or a chipmunk invading my yard. I’m spry enough to get into the back seat of the car without a boost and I enjoy stretching out in the backseat for as long as we are traveling. We go on at least four walks around the block each day. I never tire of searching out new smells in the air, new sights in the neighborhood and I charm everyone we meet.

I am a thief and a pick pocket! I love to search pockets and purses for stray tissues to rip up and look on the counters for any goodies I can snag. My game of choice is called “Soccer Ball” where someone will roll the ball and aim at a spot between by legs.  I am quite agile at pushing the ball back to my playmate with my nose. I always win this game because I am never the one to quit first. In my previous home I lived with a dog and cat. We didn’t interact much, but we got along fine as long as the other dog stayed away from my toys and bones!  Although I am not much of a cuddle bug and don’t insist on receiving attention by giving the “golden nudge”, I like to keep an eye on my humans and stay close to them as they move around the house.

I can be left home alone and not get into any mischief, never have accidents in the house and I don’t chew on inappropriate items like some of the youngsters do. I don’t bark unless another dog initiates it. I also enjoy slow pull-free walks, have a calm demeanor and sleep quietly through the night on my big dog bed.  What’s not to adore about a handsome sugar faced guy who is ready-made to be the perfect addition to a forever family?


11 Years Old