Status: Adopted

Luke - Golden Retriever for adoption through As Good as Gold

I am a big handsome guy dressed in a beautiful coat.  My long legs give me a great view of the kitchen table and counter tops, but I don’t ever help myself to food that is not meant for me.  If something is on the floor though, then all bets are off. I may claim possession and don’t usually want to give it up! My foster family plays a game with me called “Fair Trade”: I get a treat if I drop the forbidden item. Sometimes they give the contraband back to me and I prance around with it to get everyone’s attention. I love it when they laugh!  Because I tend to guard things that I deem as mine, I would do best in a home without young children who might try to suddenly grab things from me. I would also prefer to be the only fur face in your home until I learn to apportion “my” belongings a little better.  (Meaning both dogs and cats, since I may not be so nice if they get near my things).

Leash walking is my favorite activity and even though I am strong, I walk politely.  I don’t pay any attention to dogs we pass and I enjoy the sweet words and friendly pats I receive from people we meet along the way. After our jaunts, I still need additional playtime. A fenced yard is the perfect place for doing my fast paced circle eights and playing catch with my tennis ball.  I even bring the ball back most of the time! Your home will be secure with me living there because I am very aware of every strange noise I hear and will alert you to arrivals at the door. I am working on differentiating household sounds from “stranger danger” so I can control my barking. Since I am a social guy I would love to have human companionship throughout the day. I will be your shadow and take every opportunity to cuddle, accept a scratch or two and take a snooze with you on your bed or mine.

I have met with a trainer several times and am learning to overcome my shortcomings, but I still have some work to do in various areas. With some patience, encouragement and practice, I will be a loving lifelong companion to a lucky family.


5 Years Old