Status: Adopted

George Square

When I arrived at my foster home, they called me “Georgie Pudgy.”  Now at a svelte 78 pounds and still going down, I’m known as “Cuddley Dudley George.”  I’m a lover and will stay right next to you, like Velcro.  I like other dogs, but not living in my house, as I don’t like sharing my people.

I’m a mix, Golden and possibly Keeshond.  Foster mom thinks I’m the best of both breeds.  I prance and smile, like a “Golden Dutchman”.  I don’t play with toys, but can de-fluff any stuffed toys I see.  Fetching a ball is a strange activity that I don’t get.  I love to chew on Nylabones, especially the Wishbone, deer or elk antlers.  I have comfy, “special” beds on the floor for naps and bedtime.  However, sometimes I prefer to sleep on the floor right next to foster dad’s side of the bed.

The world outside our house is new, distracting and sometimes scary to me.  I go on walks wearing a harness.  I can go 10-12 blocks now, especially on cool days.  In the summer, with my heavy coat, I like short walks early in the morning and after sunset.  I’m learning to heel and foster dad says I get better every day.

My coat needs a good brushing every 3-6 days, but my hair comes out in clumps and is easy to throw away, that’s the Keeshond in me.  I’m told I am a young 9 year old.  If you’re looking for a constant companion, look no further:  I’m your dog.


9 Years Old