Status: Adopted

Gabo Square

I am a mighty hunter and seek any stray stuffed animal in my “jungle” to shake and chew until every piece of stuffing is spread like snow throughout the room. The fun doesn’t stop there because I enjoy playing with the limp bodies and proudly carry them around to show off my catch.

I am a typical golden and love to play fetch with my tennis balls and prove my prowess during a rousing game of tug-of-war.  I get very excited and jump around when Foster Mom puts on her coat.  That’s my cue that a walk may be in the offering.  I wear a harness when we walk and with practice I am learning to stay calm and not get tangled around a bush or Foster Mom’s feet.  Sometimes I spot a squirrel or a bunny in my path and I sit down and won’t move while I watch the critter.  Eventually Foster Mom gives me a gentle reminder and we move on.  I also like to go on car ride adventures and am a very good passenger.

Because I was once a stray and had to protect my possessions, I am not always willing to share my toys.  I sometimes find playtime with other dogs a little problematic.  It usually starts out well, but sometimes I lose control and get a little rough. It will take some more time and training to learn to interact appropriately with my fur friends.

I love to snuggle with my humans and I am always available for a belly rub.  There are plenty of chairs in the house, but Foster Mom’s lap is my favorite place to sit and get some pets and ear rubs. I am accustomed to being alone and uncrated at home all day and never have an accident or touch any contraband. I don’t take food off counters or tables, but I just can’t resist snatching a tissue or piece of foil left unattended. At forty-four pounds, I am not a big golden, but I am huge on personality and handsome good looks.  For now I would like to be your one and only pup so I can give you all my sweet doggy kisses and you can give me all your love and attention.


5 Years Old