Status: Adopted

**NO DOGS, NO CATS, FENCED IN YARD (I will not go potty on a leash)

If I had a boyfriend, he’d say I’m “low maintenance.” To me a good day includes taking a walk in the fresh air with my foster dad (he’s very impressed because I don’t pull), chasing a tennis ball—just for a bit, and getting a belly rub.

I’m very good in my foster dad’s house: I’m housebroken, I don’t bother with his things, I’m not a counter surfer. Add to that, I know the commands sit, come, and shake. When I hopped onto the couch hoping to take a snooze, dad said, “Down.” And, I did so right away—no problem. The only time I bark is when I have to alert dad that someone’s at the door or a cat is in our yard.

Foster dad has provided a nice bed for me that makes me feel quite cozy. I sleep soundly in it all night long. During the day, whether foster dad is home or away, I have the run of the house. (I’m thinking he trusts me a lot.) When he leaves, guess what he gives me? A Kong stuffed with peanut butter! Wahoo!

When foster dad arrives home, I’m so excited to see him! I often greet him with a tennis ball or a stuffy toy in my mouth, ready to play! I also appreciate the quieter times with dad, like when he’s relaxing on the couch and I sit on the floor next to him getting petted. Then comes the very best moments of the day: belly rub time! After that I enjoy going to my resting spot for some quiet time.

Before moving in with dad, I lived in a house with school-age children and two other dogs. I enjoyed the children, but for some reason I began to clash with the other dogs.  For that reason, I would need to be the only dog in my forever home.

A few things make me anxious such as a long flights of stairs and changes in routine. So sometimes I can be found nesting under a desk or in my crate.

When I’m comfortable, it’s quite evident and I can be one of the sweetest dogs you’ll ever meet. I hope to find a forever home where my family and I can give each other loving and playful attention – – and where I can get belly rubs!

Female, 6 Years Old