Status: Adopted

Before you fall in love with my sweet face, please make sure you read my story all the way to the end.

I’ll “let you call me Sweetheart!” ‘cause that’s what my foster dad thinks I am, “a real sweetheart!”

I’m a little Golden Doodle (30 pounds) who loves to cuddle and play with my foster family and my furry foster siblings.

My foster family is so happy that despite a difficult first six years of life, I’ve warmed up to people and other dogs so well in the past few months. I was used for breeding purposes only; therefore, I haven’t had the many engaging life experiences that other dogs my age have had. I can still be shy and hesitant, but I don’t feel as nervous as I was a few months ago. That must be why I don’t need the “calming” medicine I was given when I first came to As Good as Gold.  I sometimes like to bark at things that startle me, and will bark outside at people in the distance.  Foster mom has been working on redirecting me to stop barking.

I have discovered the enjoyment of going for walks! There’s a whole world to sniff out there! During several of our family walks, I have engaged with children at the park. I haven’t been around young people much, but I certainly have enjoyed the children I’ve been able to meet!

Toys can be fun and interesting, but I do end up investigating them too roughly sometimes. I’m not a counter-surfing Golden because I can’t reach the countertop! Car rides are fine with me: I get to be with my family! And, you wouldn’t believe what I can smell out the car window!

I watch my furry foster sister and cuddle with her a bit. But, after some activity, I’m ready to settle down and rest near everyone.  I am working on being comfortable in a crate.  I have been in one before, but foster mom is working on helping me go in and be comfortable all by myself.  I may not need to be in a crate in my forever home, but being given a smaller area to be comfortable in would be a good idea.  I’ve only been in a foster home a few months, and these lifestyle progressions do take a bit of time.

Foster mom says I’m an affectionate, Golden-eyed girl with a Golden personality.

Are you ready for a Golden sweetheart to cuddle in your lap?

Must haves in my forever home:  Another dog that can help me learn more confidence and a fenced in yard since I am scared.

Female, 6 Years Old