Status: Adopted

Fedora square 1

I may look familiar to you because I was the “Golden Spotlight” girl on As Good as Gold’s website for several months while I recovered from several health issues. My name is Fedora, but my foster family  calls me Dora for short.  When I arrived from Love Puerto Rico Goldens Rescue, I was treated with chemotherapy for a cancer that is uncommon, but has an excellent prognosis.  Recent tests show that I am now cancer-free!  My skin was also itchy and it seemed like I was always scratching. I went through a full course of allergy shots and I am now on a maintenance schedule. Hopefully, these injections will be discontinued soon.

In spite of what I have had to physically endure, everyone tells me that I have a sweet friendly disposition. Foster mom takes me on two walks a day and I am always alert to every bird, squirrel or critter that crosses my path.  I love to settle in and watch the world go by during car rides and I leave my signature nose prints on all the windows.  Squeaky toys and soft bones are fun to play with, but I especially enjoy lively games of fetch and running in the back yard with my fur foster sister, Kelly.  When I get excited about the possibility of something good coming my way I enthusiastically twirl around and around. Everyone gets dizzy just watching me!  I am very curious and may have a bit of a hobo in me because I will wander through an open door or gate just to see what is on the other side.  Of course I readily return when called.  I’m ready to find my forever family. Is there room at your house for your very own “Dora The Explorer?”


7 Years Old