Status: Adopted

Ember Square

My family tree shows I am mostly golden retriever, but I think I have a hint of another breed mixed in.  I am very athletic and can be on the move nonstop and never tire of running and playing.  Because of my high energy, my foster mom thinks I have some border collie in my background.  I love to get attention from my family, but if I can’t find someone to play with me I entertain myself.  I enjoy chasing my tail and playing my own game of fetch by flipping the ball into the air and catching it.  When I think that dinner is about to be served or someone is planning to take me for a walk, I enthusiastically turn circles and jump into the air.  I also delight in car rides when I get to sit and people watch out the windows.

I am a quick learner and I know a lot of obedience commands in both English and Polish.  I get along beautifully with other dogs, but sometimes I’m not comfortable around small children.  I can also act cautiously around people I don’t know very well.  My foster mom calls me a love bug and I enjoy cuddling, but I seldom totally relax.  I am always on high alert for any fun activities going on around me that I might want to join.  Because I am such a busy guy, I would like to have someone that can walk me during the day if you are at work.   A fenced yard would be great, or just a fun place where I can run and I would do well in doggie day care if you are away from home for an extended period of time.

I would love to become part of an active forever family who is looking for a companion to join them on their adventures.  I’d be the perfect jogging partner or would do well running with you on an agility course.  Are you ready to let me become part of your exertive lifestyle?

Male – mix

6 Years Old