Status: Adopted

Elsa square

Elsa is my name and play is my game!  I am fifty pounds of spirit and I love to romp with my three

fur foster siblings. I also go to doggie day care where I get to interact with a whole new group of fur friends of every shape and size. I have learned to play bow to encourage other pups to play. I get along with everyone! When things are just too quiet at home, I vie for my foster parents’ attention by bringing my rope to them for a game of tug which I usually win! I also like to “steal” prohibited items to encourage a chase, but I return them on demand.  I am a youngster with plenty of vitality.  After a full day of energy burning fun, I am ready to find a lap to cuddle on and settle in for a little nap.


I am crate trained and willingly go into it so I can get my bedtime treats. I sleep with the beloved stuffed owl which is the only thing I brought with me from my former home.  I also carry it around with me and would never dream of chewing it.  Car rides?  They are the best!  I wear a short harness in the back of the SUV and I enjoy watching out the windows or just sleeping my way through the journey. Foster Mom tells me I am incredibly smart because I pick up obedience commands quickly.  I know “down”, “leave it”, “sit” and “stay”.   We are just starting to work on leash walking and a harness is helping to keep me from pulling. My fur sibs taught me how to use the doggie door to go outside. I love the feeling of independence I get from coming and going into the yard when I want to. I am also working on alerting my family when I have to go potty just in case my adoptive family only has human-type doors.


I would love to be part of a forever family that includes another pup to mentor me and be my playmate.  I also will require a fenced in yard as I love to make my morning laps several times before I can settle down.  I have a happy and cheerful demeanor and with some patient training and lots of love, this diamond in the rough will become the jewel of your pack.