Status: Available

Elsa, 6-years old


Foster mom and my foster sisters dressed me up as Elsa, from the movie Frozen, for Halloween. Elsa was a princess. I’m not a real princess, but I kind of feel like one in my current home, my foster home. You see, up until a few months ago, I didn’t have a real human family.

Now I have a foster mom, two foster sisters, and two canine siblings. In fact, mom thinks it’s sweet that I have taken over the mother role to her 3-month-old puppy! I clean the puppy and he lies comfortably by my side.

Foster mom said, “All Elsa ever wants is to be by your side being petted.” That’s pretty much true. And, if mom’s petting me and stops ‘cause she’s using that contraption she either talks into or clicks on, I simply try to nudge her arm away so she can continue petting me. Snuggling with mom on the couch is pure heaven!

Oh, and time outdoors is fun too! I like to run with my furry siblings, play with toys, and zoom back and forth along the fence with the dog next door. Foster mom is helping me get used to the leash. Once I have the leash on and get going, I do well on a walk. We’re also working on getting into the car.

I know the commands “No, go outside, and potty.” I can be left alone in house. I’ve never had an accident inside, and certainly I would never chew any of mom’s things.

Foster mom thinks I must have been socialized somewhat during my previous years. She thinks this because I’m people friendly, dog friendly, and come with that “normal golden loving attitude.”

A like—very much like of mine is treats. I get so excited knowing a treat is coming!

An imperfection—on occasion, I show a possessiveness with my toys. I decide I don’t want to share and make little noises to let my doggie companions know that at that point I want to keep the toy to myself.

As Good as Gold requires a mentor dog, and a fenced in yard for my forever home. Since I am fearful of some things, this is a must so I have help building confidence.  And I would so appreciate lots of love and attention.