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I am a mellow and laid back guy who just LOVES to be with people.  I had a rough life before coming to As Good as Gold and it showed.  I didn’t have much hair and my skin was in bad shape.  With good food and some thyroid pills I am feeling pretty good.

I have a great sense of humor.  I love to rub my head on people affectionately, shovel my head under the covers, bump open doors or bump your elbow until you give me attention.  I love being touched, especially anywhere on my face.  A good massage is always nice.  I love to be in the same room with you, preferably in the traffic path or on your feet so I can be sure not to miss anything.

I love to go for walks, or as foster mom calls them, “meanders”.  I don’t go too fast and love to check out all of the smells.  I never pull on leash, so I am a very good boy.  Going on short nature trails or to the park are my favorite, or even just taking a seat somewhere and watch the people go by.  Riding in the car is also another favorite of mine.

There is nothing that I love more than to simply be with people  I am very content to just be with you while you read or watch TV.  I am a great companion and will be a great foot warmer with these cold winter months upon us.

UPDATE:  Well, I am having a tougher time moving around, so I get to stay at my foster home.  I am soaking up all of the love and attention I deserve.  If you can help out me and other dogs like me, please click here to make a donation.


12 Years Old