Status: Adopted

I am a special senior girl and I am looking for my perfect family that will love me and understand my needs.  I am 8 years old and used to live at a commercial breeder where I didn’t have much exposure to the normal things that dogs experience.  I am slowly coming out of my shell and learning that things don’t need to be so scary with the help of my foster parents and the resident dogs in my foster home.  I am learning that walks are fun and that toys make squeaky noises.  I act like a puppy when playing with squeaky toys, but only when no one is watching.  I especially like to make them squeak in the middle of the night, after all, it’s way too quiet when everyone is sleeping, but then I know that no one will see me.

I am more comfortable with my foster mom but am starting to trust my foster dad a little more.  I have started to enjoy lots of petting from my foster mom and will ask her to scratch me when I lay next to her.  I especially like to get my nose and face rubbed.  When we go for walks, I will trot and swish my tail.  Things will still scare me on walks, but I am slowly getting better.  My tail also goes silly when I see my new friend in the mirror.

I am getting better at doing the stairs, I am not a big fan of riding in the car, and I am also getting used to treats.  Little by little I am finding out that there are so many good things about this golden life that I missed out on for so many years.

Dogs like me always have a safe place that we like.  My favorite places are behind a recliner chair, or between the couch and a table.  It’s the place that I retreat to when things get overwhelming for me and then I can just observe what’s going on.  Everything is new for me.  I will need a family that will be patient and continue to help me slowly experience new things to help me build my confidence.

My forever home must have:

A stable mentor dog – one that I can follow and watch to know what things are ok and not scary

Someone who is home more often than not.

A fenced in yard – so I can run around sometimes without having to be on the leash.  I am getting better on a leash, but being a fearful dog, a fenced yard is helpful.

I still have so many things to learn and may never be a normal dog, but each baby step I make is a milestone to a dog like me and it’s so rewarding.  Are you ready to watch me slowly blossom?

Female, 8 Years Old