Status: Adopted

My owners got lost and I could not find them, but I was fortunate that As Good as Gold took me in for safe keeping. I am a handsome long legged boy and I think I am about ten years old. For the past six months, I have been recovering from something called Heartworm Disease. The veterinarian gave me a series of three shots of Melarsomine.  The injections were painful, but through it all I was very brave. I was put on exercise restriction and had to stay in my cage most of the time after my treatment began.

I am healthy now and have gained fifteen pounds since I was rescued. I am very food oriented so teaching me to “sit” and “give paw” was easy and I take my treat rewards very gently. I am not a typical “Velcro Golden” and am satisfied to observe the household activities from my own private spot. The other dogs in the house are nice, but I generally ignore them and keep my bones and Kongs to myself. After all, I have spent most of my tenure at my foster home recuperating and I haven’t had much of a chance to interact up close and personal with my foster fur sibs. With time, I hope to learn to share and be more outgoing. I run like a gazelle when I am outside and can jump baby gates with ease. When it is time to relax, I like to sit on the deck for hours at a time and watch the world go by. Night time finds me sleeping in my pick of all the dog beds. Foster mom says I am a lovely dog and very sweet too!

I don’t remember much about my past life, but I probably wasn’t given a chance to bond with my humans or experience being an integral part of a family. What a wonderful life I would have if I found a forever family who would continue to train me to walk calmly on my leash and share the nuances and fun of catching and fetching tennis balls. Toys are foreign to me and I would love to learn how to use a tug rope or solve a treat puzzle.  Most importantly, I need someone to help me feel confident enough to enjoy hugs and snuggles with the human I love, trust and can’t live without.  I hope this special person comes along soon.  I’ve been waiting a long time!


10 Years Old