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Hi there, I’m Dolly. I’m 6 years old and recently retired from breeding. When I arrived at my foster home, I was so scared. Everything was new to me so I hid in my crate. I was frightened to go outdoors and was missing patches of fur. Well, I have two dog buddies here that have been showing me how to be a dog and live in a home with a family.

I have learned so much! Whenever we see new things around the house or on walks, foster mom says, “Check It Out.” When we do, we get a treat! I love this game! It’s helped increase my confidence in discovering new things in my new world. I’ve also learned Sit, Down, Shake, Come, and I even Sit nicely when my dinner is served! I’m housetrained now and my fur has grown in. I’m a happy, wiggly girl and people say I’m so cute. Mom loves when I run zoomies around the yard and when I lie quietly next to the family when they eat dinner outside.

Although I don’t really play with toys, I discovered that I love food puzzles like snufflemats. I’m low-energy around the house but love our daily walks through the nearby nature preserve. I even try to meet new people on our walks and hope they pet me! When my foster family is away from home, I’m gated in the family room/kitchen area and have never had an accident or gotten into things. I try to be a really good girl!

Although I’ve learned so much, I need an adoptive family who will be patient with me while I continue to learn and gain confidence. Some things still frighten me, like really windy weather, thunderstorms, fireworks, and kids who are running and squealing. If any of this is going on, I get too scared to go outside to potty so I stay inside and try to hold it. Sometimes, if the weather is bad for a long time, I might eventually have a potty accident inside. Mom understands and gives me “calming bites” to help relieve some of my worries.

I need to have a mentor dog because I feel confident around other dogs and I watch them to figure out what I should do. One last thing- I like going for car rides but I’m scared to jump into a car. It’s good that I’m only 32# so I can be lifted right in.

Foster mom knows me best. She says I’m “very sweet and gentle, and will make a great addition to a quiet & patient family!”


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