Dolly Locks

Status: Available

My name is Dolly Locks and I turned six-years old April 1. It was a happy birthday for me because after all this time, I’m now living in a house with a foster family. I am retired from breeding.

I’ve heard it said that dogs with my background are often shy and timid. When I have other dogs to play with, I’m a “happy wiggly girl!” I have two furry foster siblings to play with. Plus, the other day a neighbor came over with his two dogs. I was excited to hang out with more furry pals and greet their dad for petting! Mom was happy to see that as she realizes that I like to “assess” people first before reaching out to them. During a walk the other day, I even decided to pull toward some people walking past us to meet them and hopefully get petted. Oh, my true golden spirit is springing forth.

Plus, foster mom has a special game for us, it’s called “Check It Out.” Whenever we see new things around the house or on walks, mom says, “Check It Out.” When we do, we get a treat!  I love this game! It’s helped increase my confidence in discovering new things in my new world. She is trying to teach me other commands too like, “sit.” But I’ll only sit when she sits. At least I’m paying attention!

Certainly, backyard and neighborhood sights and sounds are new to me. Windy weather and kids running and squealing make me fearful. But every week I’m becoming more relaxed. Mom gives me what she calls “calming bites,” to help ease these anxieties. Downtime suits me too, and I find it most restful in my crate.

I’m also adjusting to this new system of going potty. I made up my own way of letting foster mom know I need to go out; I perform my “potty alert” dance! Foster mom said this was a huge development for me! She says I’m making progress, though I don’t as yet have the system perfected. Sometimes I don’t make it out on time because of those scary high winds or the sound of loudly squealing children. Yet, foster mom says my accidents are down to about twice each week. When mom and dad are away from home, I’m confined to the family room/kitchen area; I’ve never had an accident when they’re away. She thinks that’s impressive!

I’m on the small side, 32 pounds, but very willing and able to jump up on the bed each morning to greet mom and dad along with my furry siblings.

Foster mom knows me best. She says, I’m “a very sweet and gentle dog and will be a great addition to a family!”

Check me out!