Status: Adopted

Dinga Square

People are always asking me the origin of my name. Dominik Dinga is a Serbian soccer defender and since we both enjoy a good game of chase, I assume that I was named after him. I just prefer going after squirrels instead of soccer balls.  Does that mean that I am famous too?

Although I am ten years old, I am very young in spirit.  I love to go on walks and I am very strong. I think I need a little more training to encourage me to stop pulling. Playing in the yard is fun, but I am also content to just lay at Foster Mom’s feet, watch a movie and share an occasional piece of her popcorn.  I can be trusted with free rein in the house, but I also like the security of my crate and will go in willingly.  Cats were an anomaly to me when I first arrived at my foster home where two felines live.  I was very curious to discover exactly what they were and what they would do if I chased them. Now we have just resolved to coexist without much interaction. I was never introduced to dogs by my previous owner, so I am not sure how I feel about living with another canine. For now, I think I would like to be the “one and only” pup in the family.

There is almost nothing better than going on an adventure in the car. I am happy to sit by an open window and take in the new sights, sounds and smells.  The only thing slightly more exciting is being given a peanut butter fill Kong toy that I can work on emptying for hours.  Obedience commands? I know a lot of them, but at my age my stubborn side sometimes takes over and I refuse to perform. Of course, the offer of a tasty treat will usually encourage me!

I haven’t been in foster care long and I am ready to find a family to call my own in record time. That’s because I was perfect from the beginning. Foster Mom says I am a typical Golden girl: happy to be loved and to love forever.  I can’t wait for my new life to start!


10 Years Old