7 Years





Fast Facts
  • Daily Medication

My 7th birthday was December 26. I’m betting this will be a lucky 7th year for me because I’m in a comfortable house with a foster mom who takes special care of me. She tells people I’m a “delightful and adorable sweetheart!” Those sound like happy words!

I have several cozy beds. My favorite is in the corner of foster mom’s bedroom. If one of my furry siblings is already in it when I come by, I stand there and wait for him to move. Foster mom has also seen me swoop in from behind one of her dogs who is attempting to get there before me.

One of the reasons I like my beds is because I feel safe in them. I was a breeder dog during my first six years of life and didn’t have the opportunity to live in a home with people as I do now. I’m learning, especially from my canine foster siblings, how to acclimate myself to this new way of living. Admittedly I’m a bit skittish at times. I get frightened by sudden noises or sudden unexpected movement. When I get scared, I retreat to my “safe spot” in the bedroom. Surprisingly, I don’t have a fear of thunderstorms.  Foster mom is glad I’ve decided to join her and her dogs during the evenings while they relax in the living room. While there, I’m most comfortable snoozing in the comfy dog bed.

I like lying close to my foster sister, Maoli, and look up to all three of my foster siblings; they act as my friends and mentors. Still, I’m not the playful type. I don’t bark at dogs I see in the neighborhood or at the vet’s office.

Though I don’t play much, I like those funny squeaky toys!  There’s something else I like—finding and chasing squirrels and bunnies and other creatures I can find outdoors! Foster mom is not helpful in my pursuit. Before I can dart outside, she warns all the critters to leave the area! “MOM!”  I’ve been on a leash so could likely become accustomed to taking walks, but for exercise the three of us mainly run and investigate in the back yard.

I am accepting of getting my coat brushed. I find it soothing to be petted and stay close to foster mom during the day while she’s working from home. I’m not a snuggler but being near her is comforting.

When I first came to As Good as Gold, I was definitely underweight. I weighed 49 pounds, and now I’m up to 60. I’m so happy to eat each meal foster mom provides and readily accept any treats offered throughout the day. I’m on the petite side, really, so this weight suits me well.

My foster siblings have taught me that we are to do our business outdoors, which I do most of the time. But, during the severe cold spell I really didn’t want to head outdoors. I had an “accident” inside. It was freezing out there! Since then, foster mom has provided a coat and boots for me. Much better!

Foster mom has left the house a few times since I’ve been with her. My canine friends and I sleep in our beds and don’t disturb a thing.

Healthwise, it seems I have protein in my urine which requires daily medication, which I hear is not too costly. I do get carsick most of the time. Foster mom has discovered that when there’s another dog in the car with me, my stomach stays stable a whole lot longer! Time will tell if that situation will improve.

Foster mom says, “everyone just loves Darra!” The techs at the vet’s office enjoy pampering me with love when I come to see them, which I happily accept.

I sure hope my “lucky 7” status continues with the finding of my forever family. As Good as Gold recommends that there be someone in the family who would be home most of the time. A fenced-in yard, and a mentor dog are necessities.

  • Be at least 23 years of age

  • No children under 6 years of age living in your home

  • We primarily adopt goldens to families living within Illinois, Northwest Indiana, and the southern most counties of Wisconsin

  • If you do not own your residence or live in a condo, you will need a letter from your landlord or property management company

  • Provide excellent vet care for your dog(s)

  • Do not use an invisible fence

  • Are not over your town/county's pet limit

  • Have the knowledge and agreement of all adults living in the household

  • Be prepared to make a lifetime commitment

  • QUESTIONS ABOUT OUR POLICIES? All your answers in our Frequently Asked Questions section.

If interested please fill out our online adoption application form; please make sure you fill in every required field/question or your submission will not go through. Please note that we take time to learn as much as we can about each dog in our care and our bios are our current observations; we are unable to make any guarantees on the future health or temperament of your adopted dog. Most dogs in our care come with unknown pre-rescue history and as such breed and age estimates are an educated guess.

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