Status: Adopted


Look into my eyes and I will melt your heart.  I am a beautiful, red haired girl.  I am 7 years old, but you would never know it.  I have the energy of a youngster.  I will go and go and go until I finally wear out and take a nap.

I am a typical velcro golden and stick to you like glue.  I follow you everywhere, bounding up and down the stairs to stay ahead of you, and when things settle down for the evening, I will curl up at your feet.

I love to take walks, but need to learn to stop barking at all of the other dogs we see along the way.  I also will bark to let you know when there is a stranger at the door, but then know they are there just to see me and I get scratches.  If I know we are going outside, I do my happy dance and jump around in circles.  I can get stressed riding in a car, but I am getting better.

I love to run around the back yard chasing squirrels, scattering the birds, and tracking interesting smells.  I am living in a home with other goldens and they are really helping me learn what are good things.  I have become more confident and don’t feel so worried anymore.  They are teaching me so much, so I will need a home with another dog.

I am having fun learning new things, like walking nicely on a leash.  If you are looking for a girl to add to your family of two legged and four legged residents, then I am your next companion!

Age: 7