Status: Success Stories


At a home expo show, I stumbled upon AGAG. I successfully helped over ten goldens find forever homes until Dakota found me. At first she was timid but full of smiles and wiggles! Her eye was brown on top but light blue, almost white at the bottom. I have been through three eye surgeries and to see her unique eye struck me harder than I can explain.

She was found in Puerto Rico and AGA brought her to Illinois. She touched my heart within 3 minutes of meeting her and just dug in deeper the longer I had her.

My job is no longer stressful due to happy memories, recent pictures and the occasional “take your dog to work day!” and the small tweaks to my routines add joy to my life. How can you not love the snuggle time before drifting off to sleep? The fun rumps around the dog park to blow off energy or the countless kisses you receive when telling her your daily stories?

“A house is not a home without a dog” well my life is not complete without Dakota!