Cosmo & Luna

Status: Adopted

Cuddling Duo

Luna and her brother Cosmo are the perfect pair for anyone looking for a loving and intelligent pair of Golden Doodles.

Their foster mom describes them as dogs who know the basic commands and listen and obey amazingly well. They both exhibit love to their foster mom through cuddling and touch. In fact, once when their foster mom had a rough day, Cosmo sat next to her, put both paws on her shoulders and let her hug him.

When Cosmo’s not doling out the love, he’s playful! His foster mom calls him the “blond bullet!” She says Cosmo loves toys, especially balls. In fact she says he has a great talent for the game of fetch.

Younger sister Luna is the “sophisticated” alpha of the pair. She doesn’t show much interest in toys, but is more inclined to peruse and relax in her environment. On occasion there are moments when Luna wants one-on-one time with mom. When this is her goal, Luna leverages her taller and more dominant stature to wiggle her way next to mom, virtually saying to her brother, “It’s my time with mom. Go play with your toys.”

This pair of Golden Doodles is completely housebroken, has access to the entire house while mom’s at work, and love the wind blowing in their furry coats during car rides.

These siblings enjoy walking together, but need further training in making walk time a calm and coordinated effort.

The pair’s foster mother believes the dynamic between this loving brother and sister is a joy to behold. They are looking for a forever home, would they be welcome in yours?

Cosmo, Male, 6 Years Old

Luna, Female, 3 Years Old