Status: Adopted

Are you looking for a world class snuggler?  I will be your furry friend to keep you warm this winter.  I will sleep curled up next to you if you let me, but mostly I am a terrific leaner and will lean into you with all my might and put my head on your shoulder or your lap because I just love the closeness.  Foster mom says she has never met a cuddlier golden.

My favorite thing is to have something soft in my mouth at all times.  I love my foster siblings stuffed Kong teddy bears and ALWAYS have one in my mouth.  If I can’t find a bear, then I will find a suitable substitute like a sock or a rag or anything else that is available, even if it’s something that I shouldn’t have.  I won’t chew it, but I just need to carry it around.

Walks are so exciting, and I definitely need them for some exercise.  You see, I need to get my girlish figure back, so I have a few pounds to lose, well maybe a lot since I am almost 100 pounds.  I take my sweet time on walks and don’t like to get very far from home.  When I decide that I don’t want to go further, I will stop and want to go back home.  Once I know we are on our way in that direction, I am as happy as can be and walk quickly and happily and won’t pull on the leash.  Even though I get so excited to go, short distances are my specialty.  I guess I will need someone that can convince me to go farther so I can drop those extra pounds.

I love to go for rides in the car and am a great passenger.  Despite my weight, I can easily hop up into foster mom’s minivan.

I am the typical Velcro golden and would be stuck to you if I could.  I love to follow foster mom wherever she goes.  It’s hard at night time because I want to go upstairs so badly, but due to my weight, it’s hard for me to do the stairs, so I finally settle down for the night on my own.  I would love a family that had a home where their bedroom was on the first floor so I could be with them at night time.  Foster mom slept downstairs with me a couple of times and I was in heaven.  Hardwood floors are a bit tough for me too, so an area rug or two help me with walking around.  Hopefully once I lose some weight, this will all be easier for me.

I am an all around wonderful dog.  I don’t have accidents, I don’t beg for food, but sometimes I will bark at you for attention.  I just want to be loved.  After all, how can you not fall in love with a sweet girl like me!  Are you ready to have me join your family?  My hugs are the best!  I will give you hugs and love you forever.
Female, 8 Years Old