Status: Success Stories

Our story begins on a somber note as we had to put down our beloved family dog Oreo after 12 years.

The first dog I then had any contact with was a Golden Retriever at our church’s comfort dog program.  That got us interested in this breed, so we went to an event at our local pet store where we met several members of AGAG.  We filled out an application that same day, thinking maybe when our daughter got home from college would be a good time to consider another puppy.  I received an unexpected e-mail from AGAG – they had three puppies left from a litter of eight and some pictures were included.

We enjoyed meeting all three of the puppies, but the runt of the litter seemed to bond with us a little more than his two brothers so we selected our Cody. From there, we have evolved to again be a complete family – husband, wife, three kids and a faithful canine companion who brings us immeasurable joy.

Cody was an instant hit in our neighborhood.  We can’t get around the block in less than 45 minutes because he has to stop and say hello to everyone he encounters.

Among his favorite things to do is to play with Jax, our neighbor’s Border Collie mix (who reminds us a great deal of our Oreo).  At this point, there is still one spot in our fence where he can squeeze under to go run around the yard with Jax.

Cody has exceeded our expectations in every way, and he most certainly completes our family.