Status: Adopted


I am a love bug who enjoys cuddling and am always looking for kisses, hugs and a human to lean against.  My original owner was ill and could no longer take care of me.  I was fortunate to be placed in a foster home with two fur foster siblings. Allan, Ella and I have become very close friends and have our own form of communication. They show me what to do and how to act in an appropriate Golden manner. I try hard to mimic their behavior; the best being the exchange of doggie kisses!

I like chasing tennis balls and returning them for another round of fetch. My leash walking is coming along especially when I am wearing my harness and can follow Allan’s lead.  When I attempt to pull, Foster Mom gently reminds me to walk nicely and I try to listen. I feel secure sleeping in my crate all night, but I look forward to our nightly ritual of cuddles with Foster Mom in her bed before lights out and again in the morning to start out my day.

Thunder storms make me a little nervous, but I go down to the basement where I can’t hear the thunder rumbling and feel much calmer. When I have company with me then that is an added bonus!  Foster Mom tells me that I am very sweet and loving. I hope that I find a forever home with a securely fenced yard because I am a notorious escape artist. I also need a canine brother like Allan to be my best buddy and companion along with human parents who understand my curious nature and are willing to accept my Golden nudges for attention.


3 Years Old