Status: Adopted

I am aptly named Clifford.  After all, I am a Big Red Dog! Everyone I meet comments about my handsome good looks and I have to agree with them. My Heart Worm treatment is over and after many months of forced limited exercise to protect my healing heart, I am finally ready to enjoy an active healthy life. All dogs quickly become my best friends and I am very curious about creatures called kitties, although I haven’t attempted to approach any yet. I put all my toys to the durability test and play very hard with them, so the ones in my toy box are deemed indestructible especially my favorite Mighty Dog bone. When the leash comes out, I get excited just thinking about all the sights and smells that await me. I walk very nicely and try not to pull. Sitting and laying down during car rides is not an option when there is so much to look at on the other side of the windows. I am just a stand up kind of guy!

Even though I have some hip dysplasia, I take some medication that allows me to run in the yard, play fetch and take long walks without discomfort. I also have some allergies, so I should only eat quality grain-free food and vegetarian treats. Foster Mom reminds me not to lick my occasional hot spots so they can heal. She also sprays them with some yucky tasting stuff called Earthbath Hotspot and Itch Relief which sooths my skin.

I am great at the groomer getting my ears cleaned and nails trimmed.  I have been known at the vet to get a little grumbly, so as a precaution, they sometimes have to put something on my snout called a muzzle. Other than people in white coats, I love everyone else. When we are inside, I follow my family closely so I can keep track of what they are doing, especially if it involves food. I am a leaner and a lover and look forward to becoming a part of a forever family who will offer lots of pats, butt rubs and belly scratches to an attention seeking big red dog.


8 Years Old