Status: Adopted


“High energy” is the best way to describe me. Luckily, my canine foster sister Hazel loves to play non- stop too and Foster Mom says we are two peas in a pod.  Ongoing games of tug of war, wrestling and fetch fail to stifle our enthusiasm.

I am a calm passenger in the car and love the opportunity to watch the world go by from my window seat.  Sometimes I refuse to get out when we return home. I just camp out on the seat not wanting to miss the opportunity to go on the next errand.  I am a little tentative during my walks especially when I hear unfamiliar sounds and get close to animals and people I don’t know. I’m learning to be braver with each stroll.  Like my sister Hazel, I came from Puerto Rico and English is my second language.  It is sometimes difficult for me to understand this strange lingo and know what my Foster Mom is expecting from me. I would love to go to school to learn to follow English obedience commands and have a chance to really bond with my humans as an added bonus.

When I’m not running in the yard or snoozing on the couch in the sunroom, I may try to solicit some attention by using my champion Golden-style elbow nudging technique.  I just can’t get enough ear scratching or cuddle time from anyone willing to provide it. I may be very sweet, but I can sometimes show my naughty side.  I will overturn my food or water bowl, spill the contents and run away with the dish in hopes of enticing someone to join me in a game of chase.  If no one responds, I will just roll it around by myself until it gets stuck under the couch.  One of my bowls is still missing in action!

If you can provide me with deer antlers to chew, tennis balls to chase, another canine to pal around with and faces to kiss, my life will be perfect.  Foster mom says I will make a great companion for some lucky family.  I’m ready for my Golden future to begin with you.


4 Years Old