Status: Adopted


Although my original owner probably meant well, I was raised in a home so overcrowded with dogs that I received little personal human attention or training. As a result, in order to survive in that hectic atmosphere, I am a bit shy and reserved.  But with the help of my loving and patient foster mom, I am coming out of my shell and I have more self-confidence now.  I don’t like her to get out of my sight and I am her shadow in the house.

When I go for a walk, the neighbors come out to pet me and tell me how beautiful I am.  Like most Goldens, I love my tennis balls. I chase them down and return them, but I refuse to release my vanquished prey until I am ready. I am friendly with the neighborhood dogs that I know, but I’m still not sure how to initiate play.  Leash walks are all new to me and it takes me a few minutes to settle down to Foster Mom’s pace, but I am a work in progress.  I like to stop along the way to investigate every interesting smell or object.

Car rides are the absolute best part of my day especially when our destination is PetSmart! The people who work there all know me and regard me as a rock star! I get to observe all the other visiting dogs and look at the treats they have on the shelves.  I never refuse any goodies and I wish we could take a sample of each home with us.  I sleep comfortably all night next to my Foster Mom’s bed and dream of a forever family who has a yard with grass I can roll in, a canine sibling to play chase with and humans who enjoy quiet times filled with Golden kisses.


5 Years Old