13 Years





Fast Facts
  • Stray from Puerto Rico
  • Very happy

Ciara turned 13-years old in January. She joined her adoptive mom, Michaeline, two years ago.

Ciara had been a stray In Puerto Rico, who was found and taken to a shelter.  After being discovered there by a rescuer/friend of As Good as Gold, Ciara was sent to the States.

When Michaeline met Ciara, Ciara came out of her crate with a smile! Michaeline was captivated! Then it was time to meet grandma, who lives next door. Grandma was a bit hesitant about getting a new granddog as she had been close to Michaeline’s previous golden, who had recently passed. But when Ciara walked up to her, this sweet golden was welcomed with open arms.

Ciara was afraid of her new fur sibling, a cat named Peanut when she first met her. But, now they’re the best of friends, and even sleep on the same bed! Peanut doesn’t even mind that her golden sibling sleeps with her tongue half out! Mom says they’re very sweet together.

When Michaeline adopted Ciara, she was aware of a non-operable cancer found in Ciara’s paw, and that Ciara was given a 1–2-year life expectancy. But she is happy to report that the cancerous tumor hasn’t grown at all, and Ciara’s bloodwork has been normal.

Despite growing up in the warmer weather of Puerto Rico, Ciara loves the snow. She rolls and plays in it. And even though Ciara doesn’t mind the cold, her mom bought her a nice winter coat. Mom says Ciara struts like a “fancy girl” and looks at mom when she has it on!

Two of Ciara’s playmates are her cousins, a golden retriever, and a Bernese Mountain Dog. They enjoy chasing each other or simply hanging out together.

Oh, and Ciara has a couple of very special stuffies. One is a lamb, which Ciara insists stays in her downstairs bed. The other is Baby. Baby is a stuffed golden retriever, and she will only give Baby to her grandma. Nope, not mom or anyone else, this is a special sharing with grandma only. Baby can go upstairs, but the lamb must stay downstairs. (It’s Ciara’s “rule.”)

Interestingly, Michaeline didn’t hear Ciara bark until she’d had her for a year. “Ciara became very bossy after a year. Now she vocalizes her needs and wants.”

Still, Michaeline describes Ciara as the “happiest golden I’ve ever had.”

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