Status: Adopted

My name is Charlie and I’m a good-looking 5 year old golden retriever, if I do say so myself. I’m a big boy, but my 112 pounds should be closer to 90. My foster mom and I are working on it when we take a break from cuddling with my head in her lap!

When I first arrived at my new foster home, I was timid and a little nervous.  After a few days, I got more comfortable and now I am having fun playing and learning lots of new things. I have a special game with my basket of toys. I very carefully bring one toy at a time into the sun room until all are gathered into a neat pile and my job is done. I am so proud of my accomplishment!

My foster mom says I am a really quick learner whether it’s getting used to walking with a harness or figuring out a game called “catch”! If you want me to shake, that’s not a problem … and neither is sit, down, come, give and leave it! Just ask! I accept low fat dog treats like a gentleman and even sit and wait to have my paws wiped after a rainy walk.

I’m always ready to go for car rides, but if you have to leave me alone, I’m fine. Just be ready to be charmed with tail wags and ears up high when you return.

I’m really good with adults but because I’m not quite sure how to act when meeting other dogs on leashes, I think it’s best if I live in a home without another dog. I’m very affectionate and loyal, and all the people I meet say they just love me. I know I will be a wonderful companion in my forever home. I hope you are willing to give me a chance to prove it to you!

Male, 5 Years Old