Charles Beauregard

Status: Success Stories

One-Year Adoption Anniversary

3-year-old Charles Beauregard

We adopted Charles Beauregard a year ago and he is the best doggie we have ever owned.  He is loving and kind, well behaved, and brings so much joy and love into our lives.

In the mornings, he waits for both of us to get up before asking to go outside. And then, he waits excitedly for breakfast. After that, it’s play time for a bit…then nap time…but it has to be wherever one of us is and with a part of him touching us.

He is also a snuggler: sit in a chair, and he puts his head gently onto your knee. He is the most loving pet we have ever had.

He hasn’t had one accident in the house since we adopted him.

I always told my husband that the dog would find us…and he did. He is part of the family. We have told everyone we know who is looking to adopt about As Good as Gold!


Deb and Jerry