Status: Adopted

Chanel Square

My life has changed a lot since my days as a stray on the streets of Puerto Rico.  I was shy and cautious when I first arrived in Chicago, but with the TLC I have received at my foster home, I have blossomed. At forty-two pounds, my foster mom describes me as “sweetness in a tiny body.”

I get anxious when I am locked in a crate, but I am comfortable being gated in a safe area.  I have two canine foster brothers and am always willing to share their toys with them! I’m not sure what a c-a-t is, so I don’t know if I would like sharing my house with one.   My favorite game is playing tug of war with my squeaky alligator and I love going on car rides especially when the windows are open and my ears are blowing in the wind. My foster brothers and I go on four jaunts around the neighborhood each day. I am a very good leash walker and I never pull. I am friendly to all the people and dogs we see along the way and everyone we meet tells me what a sweetheart I am.  My Foster Mom agrees!

Since I probably lived on the streets for most of my life and I am still a young dog, I have had a little difficulty with learning the proper place to go potty. However, I have improved a lot recently and given a little more time and encouragement, I will be perfect!  I’m usually pretty quiet, but if a stranger comes to the door, I will bark several times to alert my family.  Then I will give tail wagging greetings once Foster Mom assures me we are safe.

I love children and would be a great companion on walks, in the yard playing fetch and just settling in to watch a little television together.  At bed time, I will race to get the best bed position for some ear scratches, cuddling and some end-of-the-day attention.  Are you ready for a little night time competition for the optimum spot?

I need another dog and someone who is home a lot in my forever home.

Female – Mix

2 Years Old