Status: Success Stories

Chance became part of our family in January of this year.  He came to us needing some training and learning how to be a “pet” since he was believed to be a stray in Turkey.  We took him to a basic obedience class for adopted dogs and he did a great job.  He quickly perfected potty outside.  Within a few weeks, he no longer needed to sleep in his crate overnight and started to join his parents in bed. He learned basic house rules such as leaving shoes, clothes, and socks alone.  He also adapted to the family’s schedule and is pretty mellow for most of the earlier part of the day while mom and dad are working, but goes looking for dad around 4 p.m. for his walk.  He initially needed to work on his mouthiness but over time this has transitioned to kisses and nudges.

Chance always looks forward to walks and visiting his dog friends in the neighborhood.  One of his favorite activities is playing with these canine friends in our or their backyard.  If he goes for a walk past their home and they are not available to play, he often sits on their front lawn and will not move until he decides that it’s time to go home.

He also loves exploring, going for car rides; and playing, sleeping and hanging out with his human brother and sister.  His favorite toys/chews are bully sticks, tug-of-war toys, and running and playing fetch with Kongs.  When he’s done exercising, you can often find him hanging out in front of the backyard patio door watching for birds, rabbits, and squirrels or napping on the couch.

He has a special talent for opening doors with a strong nose push or by jumping on handles.  He also likes to remind you to open the mail that you’ve left on the counter by bringing it to you when you’re watching TV.

We adopted Chance after caring for a senior dog who required constant attention.  He has brought a special joy and energy back into our household which has been especially welcome while we’ve been spending more time at home during the pandemic.  We have seen him grow so much. We know he’s happy because he’s started smiling and wagging his tail which we didn’t see as often when he first came to us.