Status: Adopted

Challenger Square

If you are attracted to guys who are tall, tan and handsome, I’m your man!  When I arrived at As Good as Gold, I was plagued by pesky fleas that made me very uncomfortable.  These critters are gone now and my skin has healed after my constant scratching.  My appetite is great and I eagerly eat all the quality food and treats offered to me except fruits and veggies. I have managed to gain some weight, my coat has filled in and I feel so much better.

I am learning to play fetch with the tennis balls in the yard and sometimes return them to the pitcher! Stuffed animals don’t last very long around here because I love to rip them apart and proudly prance around with their carcasses.  I also enjoy a good chew on tasty Nylabones.  Since I am so tall, it is easy to explore the counter tops for some gourmet treats, so foster mom now hides everything away securely.

A whole new world opened up to me when my foster mom put a harness and leash on me for the first time. I was never taken for walks in my previous home.  I try not to pull, but I get very excited seeing the new sights and sniffing the unfamiliar smells. I guess I’m a work in progress.  I also like car rides and after looking out the windows for a bit, I usually just stretch out and take a snooze.

“Challenger” may be my name, but I would be more aptly described as easy going and non-confrontational.  I willingly give in to my fur foster brother’s whims and follow his direction. The bark of a Golden Retriever can reach 113.1 decibels and I think I can match that when I see the neighbor’s dogs. This is just my way of greeting them and I’m never aggressive! I love being close to my humans.  They refer to me as The Plopper because I flop down on top of them when I want some one-on-one attention and love pats.   I usually sleep on a blanket next to foster mom’s bed, but lately I have discovered how comfortable her bed is and I happily claim my half in the middle. I am ready to find the perfect forever family who will give me plenty of exercise and training, teach me how to play with toys, give me lots of attention and won’t insist that I eat my legumes.  Are you ready for a Challenge(r)?


9 Years Old