Casey Square

I am just a year old and like most youngsters of my age, I have a lot of energy.  I love to play friendly rounds of chase with other dogs.  I will also run after a ball during games of fetch and return it to your feet for as long as you are willing to throw it for me.  I am very curious and inquisitive so it’s important to keep forbidden things out of my reach.  When I am trying to get your attention, I will occasionally pick up items I find on the floor or at my level and carry them around, but will politely drop them when asked.

Recently, foster mom started using a clicker to teach me obedience commands.  She tells me that I am very smart because I master my lessons so quickly.   I love the sound of the click because that means I have done what she wants and I will get a yummy treat!  There is so much for a young girl like me to learn, but I have made a lot of progress so far.  After a busy day of play and training I am ready to settle down in my crate and am quiet for the night.

Everyone who meets me comments about how sweet I am and what a wonderful companion I will be for a lucky active family.  I will need to join you on daily walks, get plenty of exercise and continue my obedience training so I will learn to control my puppy impulses and build a positive relationship with you.


1 Year Old

To adopt me, I would like a fenced in yard and no young children.  I can be mouthy at times and like to pick up toys.  And, even though I get along with other dogs, I get very playful and don’t know when to stop.  I would do best as an only dog so I get all of your focus with my continued training.