Status: Adopted

Everything I do is done with great determination; whether it be cuddling, playing with other dogs, or sleeping.

There are so very many interesting objects in this world. For instance, toys. If you throw them for me, I will retrieve them with wriggly joy! Often, I like to lie down with them and playfully investigate their squeaks and movements. I even find crumpled-up paper, leaves, and clumps of dirt to be of interest: I’m obviously a curious pup!

Playing with bigger dogs is a blast! I have a big foster sister, a Golden; she and I very often play together. I sometimes grab a toy and then entice her to chase me. Sometimes we play tug-of-war. My foster family find it comical to see us both grab an end of a toy and carry it around the house together! My foster mom says I’m a pretty “physical player.” She says that I can “hold my own.” So, if my forever home would have another dog, I’d really love that. But, if it doesn’t, foster mom thinks frequent leashed walks and occasional doggie day camps might be beneficial.  A small dog in the house might be fine, but it would need to be an active dog in order to keep up with me.

I do play hard but settling down with my foster family and taking frequent naps takes up much of my day too. At nighttime, my foster sister and I each have our own beds in the laundry room. I’m quite content sleeping there and rarely need to go out in the middle of the night.

When I was at the vet’s office, I heard her say that I was born with luxating patellas. That means my kneecaps are not in their normal, correct positions. I may outgrow it, or I may need surgery at some point. Jogging or running with my owner is not recommended. Being an enthusiastic puppy, I enjoy running and chasing my furry foster sister. My foster family hasn’t detected that I’ve shown any signs of discomfort because of this diagnosis. But, for my own good, I really should be kept on a leash when participating in outdoor activities.

Anyone looking for an affectionate companion? Foster mom says that when she picks me up, I “melt into her lap and fall asleep.” I love being held. There is so much to love in this world! I love to be petted; I enjoy belly rubs. And, I love my foster sister: I don’t even care if she eats out of my bowl! I want to be with my foster family as much as possible and I pay a lot of attention to what they are doing. I’m even calm when I’m brushed (how about that for a puppy?) just because I want to be near my family so much.

Maybe foster mom says it best, “Carley is an adorable puppy – full of life and happiness and will be a great addition to an active family.”

Female, 4 Months Old, Golden Doodle