Status: Adopted

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Are you looking for a wonderful girl?  I came from Puerto Rico where I lived my life tied up outside.  Now that I am part of As Good as Gold, I am really seeing what the golden life is all about.  Foster mom says I am pretty perfect.

I love to play and have some favorite toys, especially ones that squeak.  I also love to play with other dogs and play all of the time with my foster siblings.  I have a great energy level.  I play a lot and then I like to take my naps.

I love to go for walks because I get to see other dogs along the way.  I am a great companion in the car too.  I go right to the back and lay right down.  I am a perfect combination of fun and silly and then relaxed.  I will run like a silly youngster around the yard, then I will come in and burrow under the blankets to snuggle with you.

When I went to the vet, they noticed that something might be wrong with my hips.  Turns out I have hip dysplasia.  I don’t need surgery, but I do need to be kept slim and in shape the rest of my life.  And, joint supplements will be helpful too.

If you are ready for a wonderful, sweet girl, I would love to meet you.


1 Year Old