Status: Adopted

Buddy Square

They tell me that I am eleven years old, but you can’t convince me of that.  Age is just a number anyway! I am Mr. Personality Plus.  Although I get along with the dogs I live with at my foster home, they don’t like to play much, so I entertain myself by shaking and tossing my stuffed animals.  I also love the unstuffed bodies of the toys that fur foster brother Charlie has pulled apart.  In particular l like to entice my family members to play chase when I grab a stray shoe and prance around proudly with it.  I know it is naughty, but I never damage them.  It’s just a fun game for me.  Foster mom has started to play “Fair Trade” with me where I drop the shoe when she offers me a yummy treat.  I like winning this trade game!

I look forward to rides in the car where I like to be co-pilot and enjoy all the surrounding sites. Leash walks with my fifteen year old canine foster brother all always a tail wagging experience and it gives us a chance to take in lots of good smells together.  I’m not very vocal, but I whine or give quiet barks if I think it is past mealtime.  Thunderstorms are a little scary for me and I get nervous when I hear the rumbling of an incoming tempest.  That’s when foster mom gives me a little pill which magically makes me feel calm.

I may be a senior citizen, but I still frolic and am playful.  I love to be petted and lean in for love fests, but I don’t necessarily enjoy being squeezed and smothered with cuddles. Foster mom tells me I look like a teddy bear and she always reminds me that I am very sweet and smart too.  I am ready to be a BUDDY for a family who is looking for a companion that does not need the breaking in period required by a younger dude.  But, a scheduled time for afternoon naps is an imperative condition for moving in with you!


11 Years Old