Status: Adopted

Bruce Website Square

My story started out pretty sad because my owner died, but when I came to As Good as Gold, I knew my future would be bright.  I met many As Good as Gold people my first day and soaked up all of the attention like a champ.  I was so happy I sprawled out for a nice nap knowing that life was going to be great.

I am a BIG bundle of love.  I emphasize big because I am a larger boy.  At 90 pounds, I am a good weight for my size.  I love all people, even younger ones.  I am great with other dogs too.  I love to go for rides in the car with my face in the wind.  Daily walks are also a favorite of mine.  I am a good boy on the leash.

I am a pretty calm and laid back guy, but give me some toys and I like to have fun.  I am always ready for a great scratch all over too.  But, what golden isn’t?  I am a social boy and like to be around everyone.  Especially if they are willing to pet me.  Everyone who has met me says I steal their heart.

If you are looking for a nice, easy going senior who is a big love, I can fulfill that requirement.  Just come out and meet me and see for yourself and I will steal your heart.

Age: 9