Status: Success Stories

Our beloved Boston was adopted one year ago from AGAG.

He has truly changed our lives. No matter how stressful our day has been we can always count on an excited welcome home, a nudge for scratches or having him just snuggle with us.

When we picked Boston up from his foster mum he’d just came from Puerto Rico and was anxious, underweight, and had a couple of minor health issues being treated. He is still anxious and prefers to chew balls rather than play fetch, but his true personality has come out. He has a beautiful calm temperament and always gets comments and attention on walks. He finally reached his ‘goal weight’ and has an exceptional memory for where he can get treats on neighborhood walks. The first time he saw snow he tried to avoid walking in it! He quickly discovered he LOVES snow. In the summertime he enjoys being in the water at the dog beach but is still trying to figure out the ‘swimming’ thing.

Thank you AGAG for the opportunity to adopt this amazing dog.