Status: Adopted

Don’t you just melt when you see my sweet face?  I am the sweetest boy and am past that crazy puppy stage.  Being a mature adult makes me very easy to have around.  I love to chew on my Nylabone and will only play fetch a few times, so my owner’s arm will never have to be in tip top shape.

I am a great passenger in the car and a wonderful walking partner.  I take my sweet time on walks and am very laid back so I don’t pull.  I met a new puppy in my foster home’s neighborhood and boy do we have a lot of fun playing together.

I love to follow foster mom around everywhere hoping that she will give me a scratch or two.  And, another favorite pass time of mine is getting brushed.  By the way, did you know that goldens have an internal alarm clock?  We always know when it’s time for our meals and I am one that will never let you forget when I am ready for breakfast or dinner.

I know sit, stay, give paw, lay down and will come to you when you call me.  I am also very quiet and rarely bark.  If you are looking for a big boy with the sweetest, most expressive face, then I am your guy.  Everyone who meets me says that a family will be very lucky to have me.  Are you ready to add me to your family?

Male, 11 Years Old