Status: Success Stories


Biscuit’s original name was Draco. When he was adopted by his forever family, they named him Biscuit after the sweet dog in the children’s books. The name “Draco” reminded them of the bullyish character in Harry Potter and they knew their new golden certainly was not like that.

Erin, Biscuit’s mom, says, “The moment we met Biscuit, we knew he was definitely the perfect fit for our family. We connected.”  She said she’s very glad they went through As Good as Gold Rescue to get their new pet. She feels that the transition period of living with a foster family helps to relieve anxieties a dog might have. Biscuit, though a bit apprehensive in a new home/new family, didn’t seem as anxious as other dogs they’d rescued who had not benefitted from the foster family phase.

Biscuit is more confident in his new home now. In the beginning, he would be the last one to go up to bed at night. Now before his dad can even exit his lounge chair, Biscuit is running up the stairs and is the first to settle in!

Biscuit came to the U.S. from Puerto Rico, so this past winter was the first time he’d seen snow: he was thrilled! Mom says he flops through the snowy yard like a bunny. He also eats a bit of it. He’s not as much a fan of the cold though as evidenced by scurrying in and out of the house when he has to relieve himself.

Of all the foods a golden could love, Biscuit is “bananas for bananas!” If he senses that a family member is opening one in the kitchen, from wherever he is in the house, he comes running. The sound of a cutting board also gets his attention.

Though interested in playing with his furry brother, Beau, Biscuit finds squirrels even more interesting. Biscuit also has a human brother and sister to love.

Biscuit has created his own project in the house. He is “the keeper of the toys!” One minute he’s tossing them all over the house. The next he’s stock piling them in his bed and will lie down with his treasures.

“Happy Life,” Biscuit and family!