Status: Adopted

Bianka Square

I was a stray street dog in Puerto Rico and although I was in very poor physical condition at the time, I consider myself very lucky.  Lucky because Love Puerto Rico Goldens rescue took me in and began treatment to medically stabilize my condition before it was too late.  I was then flown to Chicago to join the As Good as Gold family and continue to heal.

When I arrived at my foster home, my skin and fur was in terrible condition and I was Heart Worm positive. Even though I am not crazy about baths, I patiently tolerated having them twice a week for several months. My skin healed and my coat is now soft and full.  During my three treatments of painful Melarsomine injections I was put on complete exercise restriction, but I maintained my sweet demeanor over those two months. My first of two Heart Worm tests showed I was clear of microfilariae (baby worms) and I will need a final test in March to confirm that the Heart Worms are completely eliminated.

Meanwhile, I am finally free to go on long walks and get some exercise.  I am not sure what to do with toys and even though my fur foster brother Wrigley tries to engage me, games of chase and wrestle are foreign to me at the present time. I haven’t experience many car rides, but I calmly ride on the floor  when I go on errands with Foster Mom.

I am very cautious when put into new situations or when meeting new dogs.  I also get a little nervous during storms, so Foster Mom put a big dog bed in her closet to provide me with a safe spot to feel comfortable in.  My favorite place in the house is anywhere close to my humans.  I am content to sit on the couch with my Mom and lean in for hugs and kisses.

I am a youngster who would love to learn what to do with a tennis ball, a tug rope and a puzzle toy. I have a lot of catching up to do!


2 Years Old