Bella & Leo

Status: Adopted


My name is Bella and I am a lab/great pyrenees mix.  I am as sweet as can be and the outgoing one between the two of us.   My favorite pass time is to watch out the window all day and watch anything that moves, that includes squirrels and birds.  Give me a window and a bed next to it and I am a happy girl.

I like to let foster mom and dad know when someone is visiting.  I bark when the doorbell rings just in case they don’t hear it.  I sometimes growl at other dogs on walks, but I was great at the dog park with all the other dogs.  I am still learning how to walk well on leash, but I am very smart and pick up on everything quickly.  I am an active listener and always watching for any command you want to give me.  I am a happy, friendly, sweet girl.  I will lean in to you to be scratched and will let you snuggle with me.  I also have a really great trick.  I can open doors that have latch handles.  I think that makes me pretty smart.  Oh, and I also am a princess.  I don’t like to get dirty because I don’t like baths.

My name is Leo and I must say I am the handsome one.  I have a beautiful, creamy coat.  I am very attached to Bella and she helps me when I am scared.  I have some fears and it takes me a while to warm up to new people and a new environment, but when I come out of my shell, I am a great companion.  I am scared during thunder and fireworks, but Bella lets me know that everything will be ok.

I love to run really fast!!!  If I happen to get loose, I love to sprint as fast as I can to see if I can beat my time in the 50-yard dash.  I loved running at the dog park and was happy with other dogs.   I am more comfortable meeting other dogs than I am meeting people.  It just takes me longer to warm up to someone familiar.  I will chase a tennis ball, but I won’t return it to keep playing.  Maybe I can learn to be a retriever in the future.  I am not great walking on a leash, so I just need some practice to feel more comfortable going for walks.  I am a very charming and gentle boy, I also am quite a character according to my foster mom.

We really need a home with a fenced in yard since walks are still a work in progress and we both like to run and play.  We need to stay together, so if you are looking to add a sweet pair to your family, we are double the sweetness.

Bella – 4 Year Old Female                                  Leo – 3 Year Old Male