Status: Recent Adoptions

I’ll admit it! I’m a 1 ½ year old, fun-loving golden/Australian shepherd mix-with gloriously beautiful colors. They call me Beau!

When I first meet new people and new dogs, I’m rather wary, but quickly warm up and am ready to play. I play tug with the resident Aussies in my foster home.  They’re big guys but playing with small dogs is fine with me too. I can be a bit of a rough player, but certainly not aggressive.  Having another dog and a fenced-in yard in my forever home would provide a best outcome for me, no doubt.

I’m a “dream on a leash,” says my foster mom, especially when using the Gentle Leader.

I do understand when it’s time to play and when it’s time to relax.  Chewing on Nylabones is a favorite downtime activity. I sleep peacefully at night in my crate and am content to be in it when my foster family is away during the day.

Carrots and green beans have become part of my diet as it seems I need to lose a bit of weight. These are also the treats I receive as rewards for good behavior throughout the day.

Positive reinforcement obedience training is on my “to do” list. I jump on people when they come to the door and get a “bit mouthy” when I’m excited. Foster mom says I can be “quite sharky taking treats” too. She adds that my food motivation should help with training.

Foster mom says, I’m a “lover” (Oh, I’m blushing under all this color) that has been a welcome guest in their family, and to all of their human and dog visitors.