Status: Adopted

I am definitely a senior and a gentleman. I would match my handsome good look to any of the younger dudes. My idea of playtime has changed in dynamics over the years from a fast paced game of chase to demanding that my humans roll a ball for me to fetch. A demanding bark alerts everyone that I have decided that it is playtime.  Along with balls, I also love squeaky toys and a rousing game of tug.

I live with three canine foster siblings and we all get along well except for an occasional difference of opinion I have with one sibling who everyone calls a “Doodle”.  When he wants the same toy that I want or tries to share my dinner, I give him a gentle warning.  No fur flying scuffles or lips lifted to settle things between us. No sir!  I actually prefer the companionship of large dogs over the yappy exuberant little ones.  Unlike puppies and young dogs, I come equipped with obedience training. I comply with “sit”, “down”, “off”, “come”, “drop it” commands and will even shake hands with visitors.

My New Year’s resolution is to lose a little weight from my 90 pound body. Although my diet now includes lots of green beans and carrots, foster mom spoils me with an occasional home-made peanut butter/wheat flour cookie on special occasions. Walks also help me burn off calories and I really prefer to stroll without being tethered to a leash.  I never stray because I love being close to my humans.  I recently starting taking medication for some arthritis pain that senior dogs sometimes sustain and now I can walk further and navigate better.

Due to past negative experiences while living with disrespectful young children when I was young, I would prefer joining a family of adults.  Don’t expect me to be a running companion, chase the rabbits from your yard or to play a game of Frisbee with you, but I am willing to take leisurely walks, cuddle on the couch and accept ear rubs and pets anytime you are available. Life with a Golden oldie can’t be beat!


12 Year Old