Status: Success Stories

We were on the As Good as Gold (AGaG) waiting list and were interested in a young dog or a puppy.  Reviewing the AGaG website, we discovered that puppies were being fostered! Photos were included, and, of course, we fell in love with them! We communicated with AGaG, and then proceeded to adopt a male, Rolly, whose name is now Bailey.

Bailey is a golden doodle mix.  He has a wonderful personality, loving everyone and every dog he meets.  He’s quite the goofball!  Bailey loves to chase the laser pointer and play with his frisbees and soccer ball.  He also enjoys car rides—sticking his head out the window, of course!  He loves to take walks as well.

Bailey greets us each morning with snuggles! We love Bailey so much and have been thrilled that he’s joined our family!  He’s a pandemic puppy, so he’s gotten spoiled by us being home all the time.  Bailey is a joy and delight!  Thanks, As Good as Gold!