Status: Recent Adoptions

Male, 15 months old

I’m so in love with life! My ultimate joy comes from people; spending time with them is pure bliss. When my foster mom comes down the stairs in the morning, I can hardly contain myself. “She’s here, she’s here!”

I have been blessed with an amazing foster family. The family includes three children … added bliss! Sometimes we play a bit, but when they’re busy with homework, you can find me lying on the floor right next to them.

Check out my fancy wagon! It’s a comfy spot and provides me an opportunity to see the world with my foster family. The wagon is helpful because, you see, I have a permanent disability; my back and rear legs are paralyzed as the result of a spinal injury. The paralysis doesn’t stop me from pursuing what I can of life, but it does require extra care from my family.

To further explain, I was very recently rescued. One day while I was lying outside at the rescue, I was feeling uncomfortable, unhappy, and simply overwhelmed with life. Then, a very nice lady (I found out later she was a volunteer from As Good as Gold) came up and started talking to me with soft kindness in her voice. She took me with her and then found a foster family to take me in. My foster family and I certainly have bonded. My ultimate goal, though, is to find my forever home. Or, perhaps, it will be my next foster or foster-to-adoption situation.

Today, I’m feeling more comfortable, especially after meeting with a vet. My coat was causing me all sorts of itchiness and simply unbearable discomfort. He provided a plan to clear it up — phew! He also started me on medication for a urinary tract infection (UTI); boy, that infection can make a doggie feel sickly.

I work around the paralysis in my own way, plus certainly, my foster family provides substantial support. My next family would assist me as I go through the physical therapy that will likely strengthen my front legs. Stronger front legs will hopefully improve my use of a wheelchair. (Yes, the plan is for me to have a wheelchair: I’ll be able to get around better!)  Currently I scoot and hop to get where I’m going. In fact, when the As Good as Gold volunteer came to visit the other day, I was so excited that I hopped like a rabbit towards her car! When I got to her, I commenced the famous golden lean-in for hugs and pets.

I’m house trained and scoot to the door when I need to go out. But, due to my injury and the current UTI, I don’t always make it outside in time. Getting excited often leads me to lose bladder control, too. It’s because of this that I always wear a diaper while in the house. I’m a pretty little guy, 43 pounds, which I believe makes assisting a bit easier.

Toys, stuffed animals, and chew bones are pleasant pastimes. Being around other dogs is kinda cool, too! The dogs next door and I sat on opposite sides of the fence the other day and simply sniffed the air. It was the doggie equivalent of a chat … a sniffy chat, you might say!

During the day, I hop around the house following foster mom. I like to see what she’s doing, especially when it’s food related, and, of course, I want to be near her. Each evening foster dad and I lie on the floor together and watch TV. He rubs my tummy as I wriggle and then lean in for more petting and massaging. If his hand stops, I paw at him as a gentle reminder that it’s snuggle time.

My foster family and the volunteers who have met me think I’m a sweet, affectionate, and happy boy who would make a great companion for someone who can devote time and care to me with a big dollop of love added in!  I’d promise to love you back with all of my puppy heart.