Status: Adopted

Weighing in at just thirty pounds, I am a mini-Golden. Although I am petite, I have a lot of personality and enthusiasm for life tucked into a small package.

The pack at my foster home consists of two canine foster brothers and me.  I try to entice the boys to play by giving them sweet doggie kisses and sometimes have to resort to nibbling on their ears if they choose to ignore my advances. I don’t think I learned to socialize properly with other dogs in my past life and I sometimes become overzealous when I am having fun. I have to remind myself to back off a bit so I don’t overwhelm the other dogs.  Stuffed animals, bones and balls are my toys of choice. If you mention treats, a tasty peanut butter filled Kong really hits the spot. I walk on the leash like a pro and love to go on car ride adventures

My fur foster brothers and I enjoy being outside together just relaxing, but I am content when I am in the yard watching nature all by myself and wouldn’t dream of barking at things that I see and hear. I will admit that occasionally I have a potty accident in the house, but I’m 99% reliable. I am being taught to ring a bell when I have to go out. That way, my humans don’t miss the subtle cues I give that mean I need to relieve myself. I love being close to my Foster Mom and tend to follow her from room to room. When I’m in the mood, I even like to cuddle, but I have to choose the time and place. At the end of a busy day I am happy to sleep on her bed, next to her bed and even under her bed!

In my puppy dreams, my forever home will have a yard for me to burn off my excess energy in and a calm canine sibling for me to emulate and keep me company. In return I will be a loving companion whose sweet face framed by my whimsical ears will give my family reason to smile every day.


1 Year Old