Odie was a problem child…

“I was a problem child. I never got out of the terrible-twos. I tried to let everyone know that behind my handsome face was a sweet boy who just wanted to be good.

The thing was, I didn’t know HOW to be good. I jumped on furniture, surfed the counters and chewed up my nice toys.

So, when I went to As Good as Gold at four years old, I was a wild child. But, doesn’t a wild child deserve a happy home?

All the nice people there thought they could give me super duper training and I’d learn how to do all the important dog tasks. You know – sit, down, stay, come. I didn’t have a clue, but I had a big heart.

Then one day the trainer said, “We love you, Odie, and we can help you.”

It turned out I had extreme anxiety. Special medication calmed me down and I started learning. It was fun and I was proud of myself! An awesome family adopted me and I go to work with them every day. I am a good boy. I guess I always was, but now it’s official!”

Cultivating Change at As Good as Gold:

Odie’s story has a happy ending. But it took us a little while to unlock the secret of Odie’s brain.  We discovered that treating underlying psychological issues is just as important as positive reinforcement obedience training.

Thus, AGaG developed the “Cultivating Change” program to help other goldens overcome emotional disorders and follow Odie’s path to a happy new home.

Conditions such as fear and anxiety must be given as high a priority as treating heartworm infection, allergies or other medical conditions to improve each dog’s chance for adoption into a permanent home.

As Good as Gold’s “Cultivating Change” program brings together expertise from rescue organizations, veterinary behaviorists, and positive reinforcement trainers to assess and treat a rescued dog’s emotional health.

 This program has truly been life-changing for more than 50 struggling goldens over the last two years. AGaG sees an average of 20 dogs each year who need “Cultivating Change” services, which costs $5,000 every year!

There are many other goldens like Odie who need “Cultivating Change.” Will you please help us continue this program in 2017 with your donation?  Just click here!

Your gift of:

  • $50 provides two months of anti-anxiety medication for a fearful golden
  • $100 pays for an evaluation with a veterinary behaviorist
  • $250 offsets all evaluation, medication and training expenses to improve a rescued golden’s emotional health

You can change the lives of rescued goldens who need extra help before they are adopted by making a donation today.

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