Cause for Paws – 2023

Tonight we will shine a spotlight on three golden retrievers who came to us with medical issues requiring immediate attention in order for them to live full golden lives and find their forever homes. We will share parts of the medical journeys of these three girls who needed all the help that As Good as Gold could provide. Thankfully, we have our biggest fundraiser of the year, Hearts of Gold, where we can raise the funds to continue to fulfill our mission of never having to turn away a golden for medical reasons. Our medical expenses for 2022  totaled a record $305,000 for the year. As we moved into 2023, we have continued to rescue goldens with severe medical issues, so our veterinary expenses will likely exceed our record high in 2022.

We ask you to help our Cause for Paws …
Meet Rachel, Grove and Hope …

Should you wish to donate so we can continue to help rescue golden and golden mixes in need, you may donate online here.

Rachel came to us a 1.5-year-old stray being held in a shelter where she was unclaimed. The shelter contacted AGaG to see if we could help to repair an apparent previous injury/surgery resulting in pins in a back leg which was now damaged and painful for this young pup. Rachel was seen by an orthopedic specialist and subsequently had two surgeries to remove the pins and deal with an infection around the site which she is still fighting. She was hospitalized for over a week while receiving antibiotics that could only be administered intravenously to fight the infection. Rachel continues her PT and is a happy, young golden girl. Her veterinary expenses so far have totaled over $8,100.

Grove came to us at 5 years old as a breeder release. While she was in for her spay surgery, the doctor discovered a growth inside her jaw. Our medical coordinators approved a request for an X- ray and biopsy which showed that Grove had a ¾ inch benign tumor inside her mouth. With the size of the tumor and the fact that it would continue to grow, eating was becoming difficult and uncomfortable. Grove saw a veterinary dental specialist and had surgery to remove part of her jaw to remove the tumor. She did extremely well after the surgery, and her profile remained gorgeous! Her veterinary expenses were over $6,400.

Our third girl is our sweet Hope who came to us as a 2-year-old breeder release who was very pregnant. Shortly after settling into her foster home, Miss Hope delivered 14 sweet babies … a litter size that surprised everyone! Hope was a wonderful mom, but the overwhelming litter took its toll on Hope, and she required some extra TLC, IV fluids and special diets. All of Hope’s medical care totaled almost $2,000. In addition, Hope’s beautiful puppies also had veterinary expenses until they were adopted, and AGaG will be paying for spays/neuters for the puppies at the appropriate age.

Rachel, Grove and Hope are just three examples of goldens that we did not turn away due to medical needs. They needed help, and As Good as Gold was there as we have been for the last 20 years. Won’t you please help us to remain faithful to our mission? Please consider a donation to support our Cause for Paws and give so many more goldens and golden mixes the chance that they so deserve. We thank you, as always, for your steadfast support over the years!

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