Watch the Video and Open Your Hearts to Fearful Dogs

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Lurking in the shadows, avoiding human contact, often unwilling to walk outside, accept food and water or enjoy any of the bare necessities of life, these fearful golden retrievers are the tragic results of commercial breeding operations where they’ve been caged their entire lives. They will never know what it is to be the happy, fun-loving dogs the breed was meant to be. Life has let them down. Today you can change that!

Fixing the fearful dogs may require months, or even years, of therapy at the hands of veterinary behaviorists. But with medical intervention, dedication, patience and love, a terrified golden can blossom into one who welcomes and enjoys human interaction. Forever homes where they can flourish and play, surrounded by people who love them, can be in their future.

As Good as Gold welcomes a growing number of these dogs every year. The cost to prepare one of these goldens for life in a forever home can be as much as $3500.

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